CFS Series


  • Precast concrete floodlight
  • Conforms to ASTM standards
  • Ballast encased within a sealed polycarbonate case
  • Ballast minimum 45,000 hour life

Mold Finish

Make the product match your needs, Litelines’s concrete colors help align a product’s feel to the landscape. Utilizing a mold finish can introduce a sleek, smooth, or clean dimension to any project.

Light Sandblast

Using the appropriate color can either hide or highlight the product depending on the needs of the area. Need a little extra texture in your life a light sand blast finish will add experience to your project that can be seen or felt.

Exposed Aggregate

Upgrade the overall visual dimension of the product with a concrete texture that pushes the point of the product across. Exposed aggregate harnesses the beauty of the stone used to create the product. This option provides a truly one of a kind external pattern for each piece.

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