About Us

Why we do what we do.

At Litelines we understand that our clients want the highest quality products from a trusted source. We pride ourselves on our ability to create not only beautiful and functional products, but also one of kind pieces that fit our clients’ needs perfectly. We stand behind each and every product we make and have since 1983. At Litelines we know that the best products come from those that control the entire manufacturing process. Anyone can piece together a makeshift lighting fixture from parts obtained from 20 different places that will illuminate an area. However, our designers pride themselves on creating fully functional works of art that align perfectly with our clients’ needs by controlling the product from concept through installation. Below are some ways we raise the bar to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

We own our own molds.

Unlike other companies we build and own our own molds for all of our precast products. This allows us to be in complete control of design for our clients.

We stand behind all components.

All components of each product are chosen and installed with the client’s vision in mind. All of our products are altered to fit the client’s needs unlike other companies that sacrifice the client’s vision to fit their own products.

We care about your vision.

We offer so many options and control all factors of design and manufacturing for one reason, our client’s satisfaction. We care deeply that your dream is never hindered or compromised, only enhanced by our products.


– Mark Kolek – 

Founder and owner of Litelines